Flon – the heart of my city!

Flon is the heart of the city of Lausanne, pulsing with life, day and night, in a modern and innovative setting.

Flon is a unique district, covering 55,000 m2 in the centre of Lausanne which belongs to a single owner. Open, welcoming and lively 24 hours a day, Flon's wealth of retail facilities and its evening and night-time activities are there to be enjoyed by the people of Lausanne and visitors.

This district, where pedestrians and cars rub shoulders, is very well served by public transport, being right next to Lausanne Public Transport (TL) and the M1 (Flon- Renens), M2 (Ouchy-CFF station-Epalinges) and LEB (Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher) stations, carrying 80,000 commuters a day.

Drivers can park at the Central Car Park (Parking du Centre – 925 underground spaces), directly beneath the Esplanade du Flon.

There's something to suit every taste in the numerous boutiques, schools, restaurants, cinemas, beauty salons, health spas, art galleries and recreational spaces in Flon.

Enjoy rambling through the district's streets and alleyways, whose simultaneously historic, modern and urban architecture gives the district its own, special identity. The district is punctuated by the varied colours and shapes of the Promenade urbaine's original lighting and street furniture.

In the last few years, Flon has indisputably become the place to be when night falls. Flon attracts all the night owls who come from all over the region to enjoy the switched-on, relaxed atmosphere at its numerous nightspots, to thrill to the sound of its best musical offerings and to celebrate with friends.

Flon is also an area open for artistic expression, with Flon Square Gallery, the first, unique, open-air gallery in Switzerland, which exhibits works by contemporary artists in the 5 glass cubes dotted along Voie-du-Chariot.

Staying with this spirit of cultural openness, Flon Events regularly organises quality cultural and artistic events or celebrations, especially on Esplanade du Flon, which has become the district's central square, its piazzetta, the place with a unique, universally appealing atmosphere, where rendezvous and conversations take place.

Welcome to Flon, the heart of my city!